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     I am an explorer, adventurer, dreamer, and see beauty everywhere I go. I sometimes wonder if this is driven by my photography, or if my photography is a natural extension of my world view, but I've dedicated my life to capturing and sharing this view with others through my images.    

    Ever since I can remember I've had this thing inside, like a quiet voice getting stronger and stronger, pushing me in a direction I just couldn't ignore. It has been quite a journey with much more to go, but one filled with passion, dedication, intention, and a positive awareness.    

    It is beyond photography for me; it's sharing a meaningful, emotional, and inspiring gift with others hoping that in some small way these positive emotions can extend beyond an image and be a reminder of a beautiful experience and the many more to follow.

    As a father of two amazing kids, seeing them grow so fast has really open my eyes to what really matters in life. Those experiences; precious, yet fleeting moments mean so much more than any material possession ever can and working with so many families to capture and freeze those moments forever has been such an enriching and humbling experience. 

      While my portrait photography is such a fulfilling and rewarding part of my life, my travel work is and will always equally share what defines who I am as a photographer. It's been an amazing journey seeing my work earn the Winter Park Art Emerging Artists Grant, featured in publications, and the opportunity to work with Snap!, Sports Illustrated, Chase Bank, WholeFoods Market, Moni Moni, Imperial, and a growing list of corporate clients. Before moving to Hawaii nearly 2 years ago, I had the amazing experience of traveling across the U.S., with a 7 month assignment in Yellowstone National Park; which is part of a growing project called WanderingPhotographerBlog. I welcome you to follow along this journey with me as it progresses! 

      Now that you know a little about me, it's your turn to tell me a little about yourself and how I can be apart of your journey!

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