Beautiful PhotoBook, Beautiful Prices!

     When it comes to PhotoBooks, you have many options. There are numerous online vendors that offer printpress books that are very inexpensive, as well as more elaborate options, but there are a few key elements that are often difficult to differentiate and have a huge impact on the visual and material quality. 


     As you've already realized, quality and value are important standards you can count on with Andrew Vega Photography, so after careful comparisons and considerations, the vendor we've chosen to partner with assures that you receive the quality and beauty at a fraction of other high end alternatives.  

Your Photos Deserve Photo Paper!

    The right paper works wonders. While there’s hard science at work here, the simple reality is: Photographs on high-end photo paper look stunningly better than photographs on non-photo press paper. Colors saturate and leap, contrasts deepen and define, brilliance becomes brighter, emotion is multiplied and delight is amplified. After reviewing your chosen images, the choice of which photo paper to use will be made based on experience and an understanding of key image features and how they translate to print.

Lay Flat!

    Seamless, full-view construction immerses your eye in nothing but remarkable photography and precious memories. Nothing interrupts the beauty and nothing breaks the mood. When you open your book, every page and each spread will unfold before you with love, delight and vivid, undeterred memories. Seamless, full-view books remain open and on display without needing a hand or plate of cookies to keep it from flopping over. Seamless lay-flat simply allows you and any viewer to enjoy and admire the entire, complete image.Once you witness seamless, lay-flat, you will rub your chin and ask: Why would anyone want a gutter, a gap or a seam down the middle of their cherished photos?

Incredible Value!

     Starting at just $279, your custom PhotoBook is the perfect compliment to everlasting memories and serve as a constant reminder of the ones yet to be created. Comes complete with:

 - Custom non-branded front and back cover composing of an image of your choice. Choose to let the images speak for themselves or create a custom title to overlay your cover, spine, and/or back. 

 - Inside, choose between either white or black end pages and includes 10 images. Either choose your 10 images, or be surprised. Add more images to your PhotoBook for just $25 each! 

 - Each image that goes into your PhotoBook is color calibrated specifically for Fuji Crystal Archive paper, and retouched for maximum "Wow" factor.

Let's get your PhotoBook started today!

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